What we do:

Manufacturing, Retailing, Wholesaling, Distribution and Exports of - 

  1. SWEETS, 
  2. SNACKS & 


Our origin:

Debendra Nath Das




Debendra Nath Das, of Kalighat, Kolkata by profession and by origin of Baghbazar, Kolkata in the year 1956 established his own Organisation of Indian Confectionery after leaving his both ancestral business and home, and named it as "K. C. Das Grandson" after his Grandfather-K.C.Das (Krishna Chandra Das). He opened a small outlet at Kalighat, Kolkata beside Ujjala Cinema Hall. Previously he played a vital part in his ancestral business "K.C.Das". He was a skilled sweet-maker and had organised a group of skilled labors by his own methods of Training. By his bare hands he used to prepare sweets and used to sell it in his outlet. Apart from making sweets he also established a Dairy firm at Mallikpur, South 24 Paraganas, W.B. consisting of Jersey Cows. He used his milk supply from his Dairy to prepare sweets in his factory in Kalighat. Unlike his forefathers like K. C. Das and N. C. Das he also contributed Indian food Industry by introducing Canned packed form of Gulabjamun(Lalmohan), Rajbhog, Rossomalai, Rossomundi payesh, Sandesh(Makha, Cake formation), Kalajamun, Darbesh and the unique Bel-Murabbah.