K. C. Das Grandson Pvt. Ltd. Sweets, Snacks & Canned sweets

Brief History: 

Nobin Chandra Das[1846-1926] of Baghbazar Kolkata, Invented "Rossogolla" in 1868. His only son, K. C. Das[1868-1934] (Krishna Chandra Das) invented "Rossomalai or Rasmalai" and introduced "Vacuum-sealed Canned Rossogolla" in the early 19th Century and also Globalized Indian-sweets by Exporting. His son Sarada Charan Das[1906-1992] also invented "Amrita Kumbha, Ice-cream-sandesh & Cake-sandesh" and Incorporated his inherited business which later on he expanded in Bangalore (Bengaluru). Debendra Nath Das[1928-2010] his second son, SEPARATELY founded "K. C. Das Grandson" at Kalighat-Kolkata in the year 1956 on his own, which later was incorporated by him and his only son Subrata Das in the year 2007. He was a skilled sweet-maker and apart from establishing a dairy-farm at Mallikpur, South24Paraganas to meet the daily milk requirement, he also Introduced: Canned Sandesh, Canned Lalmohan, Canned Kalojaam & Canned Bel-murabbah